Time to Blog!

Since I entered Second Life to create a facility for Jefferson College of Health Professions, Department of Occupational Therapy, I’ve thought about having a blog. That was over a year ago, and…it’s time! The OT Center at Jefferson in Eduisland II has developed tremendously in the past few months. The Center’s progress is largely a result of the efforts of the 4 highly creative graduate students who have begun to get involved in creating new exhibits. This blog will detail our Center’s progress as a venue designed to educate the public about occupational therapy, to provide immersive experiences on health conditions and issues, and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside Second Life.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks, zsuzsatomsen! I really appreciate this blog to keep up with the great work you all are doing in SL. Me and my slow computer are still reluctant to visit the real virtual world, so I’m glad to have this virtual view.

  2. Hey Gar, glad to hear you are keeping up with these developments. I hope you’ll be able to visit in-world, there is so much going on, particularly in your field of library science. Along these lines, here is an article on libraries in Second Life that you might find interesting.

  3. This is just fantastic, such a pioneer. I am presently in a RT college diploma program and the co-ordinator of the program is very keen. I have heard him say we are the Recreation Therapy educational centre for the world (lol) I enjoy being a secondlifer and have been wondering if there was a way to apply secondlife to my program and then once iin the field, make use of it as well. I would very much like to be able to contact you through either in SL or my student email. Either way I am eager to converse with you and congratulations for the great sim and this web page really inspiring.

  4. Thanks so much, Finally.
    Responding to your IM in-world–campus access is certainly a big consideration. Our Academic and Instructional Support dept. devised a way to provide access but not compromise security of campus system when they made it possible to access SL via student wireless network. This has some limitations on teleport in particular, but we’ve devised work-arounds so students can be engaged and productive in-world.

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