Zero to Holodeck in 30 Minutes (well sort of)

On my day off today, I continued to work on and finally was successful at creating a holodeck for the new Adapting Enviroments exhibit. When I say, “continued to work on,” let me explain what I mean…

Last night I pulled my holodeck materials together after taking a class several months ago. DeadheadDMT Infinity, who taught the class, really made it easy, and we went from knowing very little and knowing how to do even less to a completed holodeck in about 1 hour. However…last night was starting from scratch, which of course is an entirely different story. It included:

  1. Figuring out what objects to include
  2. experimenting with where to place the objects
  3. looking for the essential “object a script” that for some reason was missing
  4. going through all the steps to create the holodeck
  5. redoing the holodeck after realizing the script I thought I found was not the actual object a script 😦
  6. coming to the realization that maybe just rezzing 3-D objects that illustrate assistive technology and self-help aids isn’t enough
  7. figuring out what else I wanted those 3D objects in the holodeck to do
  8. experimenting with scripts for the objects

    Okay, are you exhausted just hearing these steps?? I sure was after working on the project for 2-3 hours (I never keep accurate tabs on how long I spend to do stuff in SL, it would probably discourage me from doing it!).

Anyway, I took up the challenge again this morning and creating my first holodeck for the exhibit. I was able to put it together, using the entire holodeck process (no pre-created scenes) in about 30 minutes. Mind you, this replaces only 2 of the 17 powerpoint slides originally planned…but no one said this would be easy or quick!

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