The Evaluation Begins…

The program evaluation commenced on November 8, 2008 with opening of the Garden of Healthy Aging and the reopening of the Adaptation Home and Main Building exhibits. The Garden of Healthy Aging provides interactive displays in a serene setting to allow one to discover various ways to keep your mind and body active as you age. The Adaptation Home permits the user to explore (with or without a wheelchair) different ways to modify a home to increase safety and independence when a limitation is present in mobility, vision, or cognition. house_and_ha_exhibit

The Main Building encompasses informative videos, materials, and quizzes on a range of health topics, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, backpack awareness, and assistive technology.

So far, the overall opinions from the participants have been positive! We have had 29 participants take the survey and 20 of whom have taken part in follow-up interviews to further elaborate on their impressions of the exhibits.

Ø 86% of respondents strongly agree/agree that visual, interactive 3-D displays help them learn better than reading the same material on a 2-D website.

Ø 79% of respondents strongly agree/agree that the information given in the exhibits at the OT Center in SL will be beneficial to them in real life.

The interviewees have given complimentary and constructive feedback which we will use to enhance the exhibits to maximize the learning experience for user.

There were some difficulties during the preparation stage. Things did not go exactly as planned, but in the spirit of the Adaptation Home exhibit as well as occupational therapy, we ADAPTED and OVERCAME. We modified some of our original plans (using holodecks throughout the house) to an interactive, well-received display that illustrates typical problems and adaptations that can be made. 

We hope you will stop by the Jefferson OT Center @ Eduisland II and explore our exhibits…Please check back on the blog for updates as the data continues to be collected and analyzed.

Thanks, Alana Scorbal