Thought-Provoking Slideshare

This slideshare from Judy O’Connell is well worth the view, if you are an educator who wants to be part of real learning and teaching in the 21st Century and can be open to the pardigm shift required.

Adventures in Research and Teaching in Second Life®

This was the title of my recent presentation at a pre-conference for the Professional and Scholarly Division of the Association of American Publishers. Held on February 4 in Washington, DC, and organized by Jack Farrell , I joined co-presenters Carol Perryman (SL: Carolina Keats) of HealthInfo Island and Kristin French of the Nature Publishing group for a lively discussion around the topic “Mashup at the Library:  Managing Colliding User Needs, Technologies, and the Ability to Deliver.” Our one-hour presentation was well received, and several participants commented that it was a very interesting mix of of academic, library/consumer health, and business perspectives. Participants (who included personnel  from the National Library of Medicine) asked many thought-provoking questions, covering areas such as:

  • The learning curve in SL and the need to orient and train staff
  • Use of and challenges with available methods for getting accurate statistics on numbers of visitors
  • Data gathering methods in research on SL and confounding factors