Adventures in Research and Teaching in Second Life®

This was the title of my recent presentation at a pre-conference for the Professional and Scholarly Division of the Association of American Publishers. Held on February 4 in Washington, DC, and organized by Jack Farrell , I joined co-presenters Carol Perryman (SL: Carolina Keats) of HealthInfo Island and Kristin French of the Nature Publishing group for a lively discussion around the topic “Mashup at the Library:  Managing Colliding User Needs, Technologies, and the Ability to Deliver.” Our one-hour presentation was well received, and several participants commented that it was a very interesting mix of of academic, library/consumer health, and business perspectives. Participants (who included personnel  from the National Library of Medicine) asked many thought-provoking questions, covering areas such as:

  • The learning curve in SL and the need to orient and train staff
  • Use of and challenges with available methods for getting accurate statistics on numbers of visitors
  • Data gathering methods in research on SL and confounding factors