Graduate Students Present on Second Life® to Japanese Visitors

SL presentation

SL presentation

On Monday, March 11, first year graduate students Shanna Corbin, Lindsay Allan, and Shyvonne Gallagher provided a lively presentation about the Jefferson OT Center in Second Life®.  In attendance were 5 students from Kitasato University in Sagamihara, Japan, and about 70 students and faculty in health professions at JCHP.

The audience response was interesting, too. After Shanna explained the benefits of SL for some persons who have severe physical disabilities, one of the JCHP physical therapy students stated his opinion that SL discouraged people from being involved in real life. Another point raised was that people might accomplish a lot in SL, at the expense of real life. It didn’t seem to dawn on  the student who asked the question, that accomplishments in SL can be “real.”  The OT student presenters did a great job fielding questions, and people seemed to enjoy the presentation and find it interesting.


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  1. As a first year graduate student in Occupational Therapy, it has been a wonderful experience working under Susan Toth-Cohen in her research projects in Second Life. It was great to give this presentation to our fellow health professionals here at Jefferson to spread the word about Second Life as not many of our classmates seem to be aware of the wide array of opportunity that awaits in SL. Although some students were questioning the positive aspects of SL and were convinced that SL promotes a sedentary lifestyle, I think, overall, everyone was amazed that such a program exists and were convinced of the benefits it may provide to some of our future clients. One of my classmates mentioned to me the next day that he really enjoyed our presentation, and he was really interested in SL and the benefits it may provides to some people who do not have the physical ability to go out and travel independently. I really think this was a great program to introduce to everyone, especially to the Japanese students, and I hope that they will use SL as a way to keep in touch with their new friends here in America. Overall, it was a great experience, and it was nice to share all that we have accomplished and learned so far this year in our first year as graduate assistants here at Jefferson in Second Life.

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