Technology scholars “visit” adapted home

Yesterday, a group of 55 technology scholars from across the U.S.  visited the Adaptation Home as part of an introduction to educational possibilities of Second Life provided by Gentle Heron (Alice Krueger) of Virtual Ability.  The event was part of an onsite workshop at the University of Colorado, Denver and led by innovative nurse educators and scholars from University of Kansas, University of Colorado, Denver, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, and the National League for Nursing.

Participants at the workshop were impressed by the fact that students created the exhibits under my direction and expressed interest in getting in contact with us. I hope they do.  It”s great to know that the nursing profession has such programs to foster innovation and move healthcare education to the next level. A year-long faculty development program focused on the integration of cutting edge technology into education would be a wonderful addition to other professions such as occupational therapy!