Healthy Aging Exhibit Launched

Presentation at Virtual Ability, 5-13-10

On May 13, Graduate Assistants Bodi MacIntyre, Angelica Tremmor, and I presented a talk at Virtual Ability about our expanded healthy aging exhibit, which has now opened to the public in its new location at Fatima’s Cherished. The beautiful tropical island setting lends itself well to the theme and exhibit title, The Garden of Healthy Aging. The slideshare of the presentation is available here. We gave the talk both at 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. SLT (PDT) to accommodate diverse timezones. We were pleased to have the opportunity to present and to interact with the audience. Also, it was great to see fellow occupational therapist DrFran Babcock (RL: Fran Babiss) and hear her often humorous insights after the 4 pm discussion.
Gentle Heron asked a very thought-provoking question at the 4AM SLT session, “Bodi, Zsuzsa, what is the most important thing we should do as we age?” Of course, there are many important facets of healthy aging. But, in our response, Bodi and I both emphasized participation and engagement with life–a focus that is emphasized both in occupational therapy as a profession and in Rowe and Kahn’s (1999) and subsequent research on healthy/productive aging.