Final Day: SIG-VE Playground

On Wednesday I was able to attend several of the final playground events. All revealed interesting aspects of using virtual worlds for education. The 3rd rock grid presentation demonstrated an alternate virtual world that looked very similar to Second Life (uses OpenSim).

3rd Rock Preso at SIG-VE playground June 30, 2010

Naturally, I signed up for an account immediately after the presentation (or perhaps even before). Haven’t explored it yet but will do so, to see what it offers. One of my goals for the summer is to become more savvy of other virtual worlds besides SL, so this was a very timely and informative presentation.

Next on board was Ramapo Story World, presented by Bernajean Porter and Peggy Sheehy.

Playground Presentation on Ramapo Story Telling

This presentation gave me lots of ideas about how to incorporate stories into exhibits (which we are presently planning to use for an expanded Caregiver exhibit at the Garden of Healthy Aging). I don’t agree that everything should revolve around story telling, which apparently is the current bandwagon, but certainly narratives are extremely important, engaging, and useful strategies for organizing virtual world educational experiences.

Finally, April Hayman presented a “teaser” on Professional Development in Virtual Worlds.

ISTE Professional Development Planning

She revealed some of the planning for what sounds like incredible opportunities that will be available through ISTE this Fall.

Lots of good stuff! I also saw Cynthia Calongne’s presentation about the use of WOW for student learning. I can’t see how I would use WOW educationally right now, but it’s definitely something to watch for further development.