Mental Heath Events Attract Diverse/international audience

MH events

Mental Health Events at OT Center at Jefferson in Second Life

On February 17 and 19, 1st year OT students Kaitlin (Rukii Winterwolf) and Veronica (Vironica Loxley) presented about the role of OT in mental health. Their presentation, Beyond Stigma to Participation, started with a video excerpt and discussion question on stigma and mental health and went on to provide a detailed summary of OT’s role in mental health. 2nd year students Andrea and Stephanie also assisted with the events.
Audiences were quite different at the two presentations. On Thursday evening, most who attended were educators or health care practitioners. On Saturday, most participants who came to the presentation had a more personal interest in the topic, with family or themselves experiencing the effects of stigma. Participants included those from Scotland, England, Spain, Dubai, Croatia, and the United States. It was gratifying to see the interest that a simple announcement and event notice generated:

Come and enjoy an interactive presentation on Mental Health Conditions and the role of an Occupational Therapist. Presented by occupational therapy students at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia