Promoting Occupational Therapy in Virtual Environments

Promoting Occupational Therapy in Virtual Environments

On Friday April 15, Veronica, Elizabeth, Kaitlin, and I presented our poster at AOTA, Promoting_OT_virtual_env. [BTW, I tried to avoid using a colon as recommended but could not take it out for some reason! See Colin Purrington’s guide to successful poster presentation for a humorous look at colon use.]
Many people stopped by, and there appeared to be a lot of interest. The students did a great job fielding questions and discussing the process of exhibit and event development. Common questions included “how long did it take you to create each exhibit” (about 3 months altogether) and “do you have any idea how many people have seen this?”

2 Responses

  1. Having the opportunity to present a poster at the AOTA conference was very exciting as a first year student. We had many people come to our poster and there seemed to be a great deal of interest in the project. Many people had never heard of Second Life so we usually had to begin by explaining the program to them. We also described the events we had done. Most people seemed very interested in such a different way of promoting Occupational Therapy. We spoke to many educators, clinicians, and students who asked us how they could get onto SL and come to our exhibits. We also spoke to some professors at other schools who use second life with their students for different projects and meetings and we encouraged them to come to our next exhibit. I think it was very beneficial to present project based learning in SL, It was a very different topic compared to some of the other posters and people seemed very open and interested in hearing about it.

  2. this was a great poster!!! I hope that lots of people come to SL because of it.

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