Mixed Reality Dinch (Dinner-Lunch) Philadelphia-London-Somewhere in Iowa

Part of the fun of SecondLife(R) is experimentation, whether it’s in-world or doing SL-related work in first life. Well…we experimented in both worlds (mixed reality) with a Dinch (Dinner-Lunch) shared by Gia Rossini and Dizzy Banjo (London), Penelope Drucker (somewhere in Iowa), and  Plato Pizzicato and me (Philadelphia).  Check out the YouTube vid:

Things weren’t perfect–it was hard to hear, and we couldn’t get much of a sense of what was going on in London (just that it was very noisy). And, apparently the bartender where Gia was did not have the same fascination with what we were doing as the Bonte employee. Next time, we’d like to try multiple video streams, so each can see each other’s first life setting.