New Perspectives from the Tech Museum of Innovation

It was June 16, and the new OT Center exhibit on adapting environments for daily life was scheduled to open in less than 2 days. Having trashed my powerpoint ideas, I found myself surrounded with cool 3D objects, a holodeck, and…CHAOS. i felt completely at a loss as to how the exhibit would come together. So, I returned to a rumination I’ve been having lately, about how SL exhibits are a bit like interactive museums. In semi-desperation, I did a search on museums within Second Life and came across the Tech Museum of Innovation.
Tech Museum of Innovation

Well…good move, Zsu. They have a thought-provoking and very practical tutorial about how to design exhibits in Second Life. #1 on the list was What’s the Big Idea? the big ideaThis alone was worth the trip. Among the comments about #1 was:

Every museum exhibit has a big idea behind it. If you can’t articulate what the exhibit is about in one sentence—one big idea—then it probably needs to be pared down.

I pondered for a bit, and it suddenly came to me: Well of course, the big idea is, Living Life to Its Fullest. This is the new tagline for occupational therapy from the American Occupational Therapy Association. It became clear that LLTTF could be the overall theme of the Center, and that each exhibit could tie into this theme. So, for example in the picture below, there is the sign, LLTTF, with the link to adapting environments below it. It says, [LLTTF] “May be hard to do because of physical,
mental, or emotional issues and/or barriers in the environment.
Adapting Environments
The other points included in the tutorial also were very good. It think it will probably take some time for these messages to sink in. But…at least it gives a leg up to begin doing that 3-dimensional kind of thinking Gia and I spoke about. It’s a process…