Taking on the Challenge: Beyond Powerpoint in the 3D world

Had a very interesting and inspiring time with Gianninna Rossini, (best known for her work on Sloodle). I stopped over on Saturday to wish her a happy rez day, and she showed me a 3-D presentation she had given. Wow! It consisted of a series of blocks that appeared and when clicked, provided you with info, urls, or a quiz and fostered more active engagement. She also showed me the impressive statistics on Sloodle via a 3-D graph housed within a beautiful earth globe. Gia expressed the thought that people on Second Life need to begin thinking more 3 dimensionally, and we discussed reasons why people use Powerpoint (aka, Powerpointless) for presentations instead of 3D methods (here’s an excerpt from Powerpointless originator Tutfe’s book). Among the reasons for the absence or limited use of 3-D thinking that we discussed were lack of knowledge and skill about other ways of doing things and lack of time. After thinking about it, I’d add a third: laziness (personal experience with that one). It’s quite an undertaking to do a 3-D presentation when you’re not so comfortable or facile with scripting or other methods like Puppeteer or Holodecks. So, it’s a lot more involved and time-consuming which is where (for me) the laziness factor has come in. But, no more! I’m taking on the challenge to use as much in the way of 3-D presentation materials as possible in our Adapting Environments for Daily Life exhibit.